Microsoft Viva is the all-in-one employee experience platform within Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams

McChrystal Group is a certified Microsoft Gold partner, earned by companies committed to abiding by the highest customer service standards and working closely alongside Microsoft, and are skilled to the highest level on all Microsoft platforms.

We have the tools and experience to help organizations leverage the full potential of Microsoft Viva to drive their success. From initial setup through customized dashboarding, reporting, and analytical training, McChrystal Group will help you transform the data that already exists in your organization into actionable insights.

Leverage Microsoft Viva to Drive Business Outcomes:

We leverage Viva Insights to integrate passive data​

Viva Insights will help optimize collaboration patterns to drive business value by identifying the impacts of bad processes and highlighting the impact of interventions.

  • Augment performance and sentiment data streams with behaviors to realize the “what” of the “why.”
  • Reengage remote employees by ensuring that meetings drive action toward company's purpose.
  • Cultivate innovation by promoting the right cross-functional collaboration and create network connections that energize employees.
  • The premier passive data tool allows for a continuous collaboration audit without creating invasive survey fatigue.

We drive transparent strategy execution through Viva Goals

Viva Goals supports alignment as an integrated solution by moving your static plan-on-a-page to an organic business operating system driven by measurable results.

  • Teamwork that promotes growth requires trust from individual and team accountability.
  • Goal management frames the flow of everyday work and neatly integrates into your preexisting toolset.
  • Employee connections grow around a shared consciousness of the organization’s vision and objectives.
  • Using the OKR framework, the employee experience becomes rooted in transparency to achieve the right business outcomes.

We inspire culture & communication through Viva Connections

  • Information overload can cause employees to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what information to prioritize, personalized news, content, tasks, and resources can target what matters most to employees based on role or organizational attributes.
  • Seamless interaction with Viva Engage to promote relevant community information into a user’s daily feed.

We drive a sense of belonging and collaboration through Viva Engage

  • Employees want to feel authentic in their work environment, digital communities allow employees to join and engage both within their workstreams and areas of interest.
  • Leadership can collaborate in interactive forums that allows them to build connections and promotes transparency on upcoming strategy and initiatives.
  • In a hybrid work ecosystem, strengthening relationships and building meaningful networks can shape employee retention.

We promote employee growth and development through Viva Learning

  • Accelerate and provide a consistent onboarding experience.
  • Employees can discover and access learning content that will allow them to upskill and follow a learning path to better their career objectives.
  • Aggregate all of the learning assets in one central location in a platform where employees spend most of their day.

We empower information architecture and practical knowledge through Viva Topics

  • Classification and organization of content across information systems in a centralized page that is curated by the knowledge experts.
  • Optimize employee time by reducing search and effort to read and tag content for re-use.
  • Align expertise within the organization with those seeking assistance in a streamlined interface.

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