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Our Field Manual to Developing Leaders in Uncertain Times

Stan McChrystal and our McChrystal Academy team has developed a playbook that lays out a framework to help Human Resource and Development teams move forward with training despite the challenges we’re all facing. The playbook is intended to provide suggestions and best practices to deliver and enhance leader development training, whether it is in-person or virtual. We hope this document helps you identify high impact areas for your team’s training as we navigate this period of change and transition.

Ten Best Practices for Delivering Fun and Productive Virtual Off-Sites

Team off-sites are too important to wait months, or a year, to resume. You need to keep your culture strong and your people connected, even in an extended work-from-home environment. We have reimagined the off-site for the virtual world to help dozens of our partners balance a healthy workforce with a connected team. Here, we share our best practices for delivering fun and productive virtual off-sites.

Micah Zenko & Sabriyya Pate |

Do you need a Chief of Staff?

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, executives within Fortune 500 companies were dealing with too much complexity to succeed without a strong support staff. Chris Fussell discusses strategic lessons learned during his career on the staff of a 3-star general, and current business partner Stan McChrystal, and how these tactics transcend the role of many corporate Chiefs of Staff.