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Navigating Return to Office

Use a Data-Driven Approach to Make Sure Your Return to Office Strategy Works for Your Organization

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Your Guide to Getting RTO Right

As organizations grapple with the complexities of devising or revising their RTO strategies, the key lies in targeting the problems rather than simply seeking the easiest implementation. It's time to adopt a data-driven approach to navigate this transition effectively.  

Consider these three factors as you craft or revisit your organization's RTO approach: 

  • Does your approach align with the overall strategy of your organization?  

  • Productivity should be a driver of your RTO strategy. Where do your employees do their best work?  

  • What are the specific labor market implications for your location and industry? 


How to Make RTO Work for Your Team

In a recent virtual roundtable, attendees found there is no one-size-fits-all strategy when developing any return-to-office strategy. Rather than relying on intuition or hunches, organizations should leverage a comprehensive set of data sources to inform their decision. Return-to-office strategy isn't just about bringing employees back into physical workspaces; it's about reimagining how, where, and why work itself is performed.  Read the key takeaways here

Return to Office Roundtable Video

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