No Turning Back: Jeff Sonnenfeld

By McChrystal Group

Stan and Chris know the power of the Operations & Intelligence or O&I brief. As a part of Stan's efforts to transform Joint Special Operations Command, he leaned on Operations & Intelligence brief, or the O&I. It was a tremendously powerful tool that connected countries around the globe and drove the "battle rhythm" of the counterterrorist force.

This week's guest, Jeff Sonnenfeld, runs a similar forum at Yale University. Jeff, the Senior Associate Dean for Leadership Studies & a Professor in the Practice of Management at Yale University's School of Management, leads the CEO Summit, which brings leaders from top businesses, parts of government, and scholars from all corners to discuss important leadership topics.

In today's episode, Stan and Chris speak to Jeff about the CEO Summit. They discuss how and why Jeff created this format, like the O&I, a special tool to connect leaders everywhere against shared challenges. During the discussion, Jeff also speaks to the role of a leader: whether it is to have the moral courage or to appease the constituency.

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