No Turning Back: Stan McChrystal and Chris Fussell on the Risk Of Special Operations

By McChrystal Group

Stan McChrystal has spent a lifetime attempting to mitigate risk: importantly, in the military, and critically now in the corporate sector. He concluded that we don’t handle risk very well – at both the individual and organizational level. This reality had been percolating at the back of his mind for quite some time.

The events of the last few years brought these issues to the front burner, and are the topic of his latest book, Risk: A User’s Guide.

This mini-series on No Turning Back will analyze risk in several parts. Stan and Chris will kick off the series today by exploring how the special operations community thinks of, and responds to, risk. Stan and Chris will examine risk in the games of poker and chess, talking to champions Annie Duke and Garry Kasparov, taking closer looks at how we make decisions in uncertainty. They will also speak to a former police officer about risk in law enforcement, and talk to an executive about corporate risk from both a CEO and board member perspective. Stan will even read an excerpt from our new book later in this series.

We’re excited to share these ideas with you. This first discussion in the mini-series, on risk in special operations, is topical, timely, and thought-provoking, and a great way to kick off this new risk series.

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