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No Turning Back
Mar 2, 2021

No Turning Back: Keith Krach, Former Under Secretary of State

Written by: McChrystal Group



Stan McChrystal once told Keith Krach that he was one of the few leaders he’s known in business that we could put a uniform on tomorrow and be effective as a general officer in the United States Army. This week, Stan and Chris Fussell sit down with Keith Krach, the former Chairman, CEO, & President of DocuSign, the former Chairman and CEO of Ariba, and most recently, the Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment. They discuss Keith’s leadership across the public and private sectors, how to build trust in new teams, and why we should wear failure like a badge of honor.



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No Turning Back - Keith Krach

Episode Transcript - No Turning Back: Keith Krach, Former Under Secretary Of State

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