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No Turning Back
Apr 26, 2022

No Turning Back: Elena Kvochko

Written by: McChrystal Group




This week, we continue our Demystifying DEI mini-series with a conversation Stan had with Elena Kvochko, the first Chief Trust Officer at SAP, a role she began at the height of the pandemic. In this role, Elena leads a team of security architects and focuses on building trust through a culture of accountability and openness.

In this fascinating discussion, Elena shares how DEI and trust interlink through the framework of people, processes, and techniques and the tangible impact of DEI initiatives across the three. Stan and Elena discussed the implications of the change in the security threat landscape from organizations being more reliant on technology than ever before. This conversation unpacks the trust equation, how to measure trust, and the importance of actions speaking louder than words.

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Episode Transcript - No Turning Back: Elena Kvochko

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