Conversations on Rethinking Risk: A Series

By McChrystal Group

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Throughout the past year, we've discovered that we have to be ready for the next risk facing our business: whether it be the Delta variant, the "Great Resignation," the recent Climate Change Report and its impact on our future, etc. McChrystal Group is hosting a three-part discussion series about risk and how leaders should be thinking about it – from detecting risks within your organization to mitigating risks for your workforce.

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Risk: The Greatest Risk to Us – Is Us

September 9, 2021 12PM - 1PM EDT

In the first conversation, President of McChrystal Group, Chris Fussell, and co-author of Risk: A User's Guide, Anna Butrico, will build upon McChrystal Group's Team of Teams model, exploring how interconnected models are essential in controlling risk. Chris and Anna explore how the greatest risk to our system is not external; the greatest risk to us, is us.

Learn how to reconceptualize the relationship between threats and vulnerabilities, and explore the idea of the "Risk Immune System," to equip your organization for the next unpredictable threat that comes your way.

View the session's recording by clicking here.

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Risk Detection: Understanding Biases and Groupthink

September 16, 2021 12PM - 1PM EDT

Learn how making space for diverse perspectives can increase your organization's ability to detect and respond to risk. Managing Partner, McChrystal Team Science Victor Bilgen and Senior Associate Morgan Silvers will dive into this topic for the second conversation.

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Risk Response: Mitigating Risks Facing Your Workforce

September 23, 2021 12PM - 1PM EDT

Your workforce has never been at greater risk. From COVID to burnout to the great resignation, leaders must be able to detect, assess, and respond to these risks effectively. Learn a framework for mitigating risk within your workforce. US Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel and Senior Advisor to McChrystal Group, Lisa Jaster joins Managing Partner, McChrystal Academy David Livingston for the third and final conversation in this series to discuss mitigating risks facing your workforce.

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