Organizations perform when teams work, and teams can't work without talent.

McChrystal Group’s Talent Sciences uses cutting-edge, people-centric data retrieval, synthesis, and predictive modeling techniques to provide actionable data and insights around critical human capital decisions. 

What It Is

Flight Risk Predictor

Reduce employee turnover by identifying high-flight-risk employees early with data-informed interventions and talent strategies.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Current employees: Identify risks and signs of departure months ahead of any self-reported intent to leave and be targeted with interventions

Job applicants: Algorithms are customized to suit different hirings funnels and can score + fast track incoming job applicants


Alumni Tracker

Know your people and migration patterns by identifying what companies, roles, sectors, and employers your people are leaving to join, and why.

Talent Retention Insights

Transforming your workforce with data-driven solutions: Improve employee retention by better attuning compensation, benefits, and messaging to talent competition​

Know your competition: Gain competitive intelligence about when and to where competitors are losing talent


Workforce X-Ray

Diagnose gaps in skills, retention, DEI levels, and more with deep analytics and intelligence on your workforce and competitors’.

Critical Talent Intelligence

Rapidly diagnose issues: Analysis of workforce capabilities, trends, and disparities from benchmarks regarding workforce skills, experiences, and talent flows

Enhance employee profiles: Augment public profile data with details relating to employers, schools, location, and more to deepen contextual understanding of workforce


Why Its Different

Organizations cannot use capabilities or address gaps they cannot see — a deep understanding of your workforce, and competitors', is the single largest driver of organizational success.

Aman Alexander

Director, Data Science & Engineering

Talent decisions that were previously purely subjective can now be informed by objective data and analysis. Organizations' people strategy can now keep pace with their constantly evolving workforce.

Ryan Aminzadeh

Director, AI and Data Engineering

Our Team

Aman AlexanderDirector, Data Science & Engineering

Director, Data Science & Engineering

Ryan AminzadehDirector of AI and Data Engineering

Director, AI and Data Engineering

Afiba EdwardsPartner, Chief Information Officer & Enterprise Solutions Lead

Partner, Chief Information Officer & Enterprise Solutions Lead

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