Are you having challenges fostering an inclusive environment for all? Can your organization improve how they attract and retain a diverse workforce? We can assess your organization so you can skip the guess work and use data to act with precision and drive the change you want to see.

How We Can Help

In inclusive environments, all employees are treated fairly, valued for their unique contributions, immersed in the workgroup, and have a voice in core decision making. Based on these four core indicators, our analysis helps gauge the effectiveness of your current inclusion initiatives, measure actual immersion, and identify areas that need increased attention. Based on the barriers identified, McChrystal Group will offer targeted recommendations that we partner with you to solve.

What to Expect

Over a 4–6-week period, McChrystal Group will use key performance and network analysis to help you understand what is driving perceptions of belonging at your organization and what you need to focus on to create an inclusive environment for your employees. At the end of this period, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to help foster a more inclusive environment in your organization.

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