Leadership Series:
No Turning Back

In this Insights Series, we share our perspectives on how to adjust to a changing paradigm and get the most out of your teams during these trying and uncertain times.

No Turning Back (Episode 11): Dr. Matt Hanley, Chief Clinical Officer at SSM Health

In our eleventh episode, Chris Fussell is joined by Dr. Matthew Hanley, Chief Clinical Officer at SSM Health. Together, they discuss how healthcare organizations must pivot to design an agile operational structure that will allow for increased speed to consensus within the clinical enterprise, and how healthcare leaders can connect cohesive teams to build organizational credibility.

No Turning Back: The Leader’s Playbook to Successfully Reimagining an Organization for the post-COVID World

Far from being a static state, the “new normal” is a moving target. The organizations that will survive this crisis and thrive in the new normal will be those who embrace the flux and seize this opportunity to inject resiliency into their organization. In this playbook, the McChrystal Group team provides a framework to help leaders assess, mold, and lead their organizations at this crucial juncture.

No Turning Back (Episode 10): Annie Coleman

In our tenth episode, Chris Fussell and Rhys Smith are joined by Annie Coleman, former Global Head of Culture and Client Marketing for UBS Investment Bank and prior Director of Marketing and Internal Communications for Goldman Sachs. Together, they discuss the science behind a growth mindset and how leaders can cultivate opportunities for creativity, risk-taking and innovation by promoting these essential habits.