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McChrystal Group Global Consulting

What can compromise cost you?

You're expected to optimize the organization. You're also expected to hit higher performance targets. 

The problem is you know you'll have to choose between one or the other.

That's not only frustrating, it puts you at risk.

  • Is your organization losing people it wants to keep?
  • Are you losing market share to competitors? 
  • Is your organization falling behind in its industry? 
  • Need to transform the organization, exceed targets, and reduce costs all at the same time?
  • Not sure how you'll pull it off?

Imagine optimizing the organization on your terms 

You don't have to choose when you focus on how the organization works together. 


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Eliminate the internal friction that impedes execution and performance.

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Tap into the transformative power of your organization's current assets.

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Change the organization with less resistance by leading it from the inside-out.

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Establish deep organizational capabilities that will last long after you're gone.

Team of Teams Model

How becoming a Team of Teams® leads to uncompromising results

Team of Teams® was born out of extreme necessity. 

Confronted by threats for which his organization was unprepared, General Stan McChrystal had to radically transform it without compromising mission objectives. 

So instead of optimizing how the organization worked, he optimized how it worked together

The result was Team of Teams®––an operational discipline that defeated an international terrorist network and has since fueled astonishing breakthroughs for 100+ organizations across industries.  


Leave compromise behind.

Start optimizing the organization on your terms.