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McChrystal Group Global Consulting

What happens when teams don’t work?

  • Important targets are missed…again.
  • Meetings are unproductive.
  • People feel burnt out.
  • Progress is too slow.
  • Talent starts eyeing the door.
  • Competitors get ahead.

As long as your teams struggle to perform, so will your organization.

That’s why we’ve been helping organizations get their teams working better, smarter, and faster for over a decade.


To Achieve What The Organization Needs Most

When you remove the barriers holding your teams back, your organization can become unstoppable.

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Focused Engagement

Unite people around a common vision and set of priorities, inspiring people to do their best work.

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Organic Innovation & Communication

Create an environment in which new ideas flourish and are shared freely.

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Instinctive Agility

Streamline communications so that high-quality decisions can be made fast and effectively implemented.

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Accelerated Growth

Match the speed of execution with the pace your environment demands.

Team of Teams Model

What makes teams work?

A team can’t work when its members aren’t fully engaged. That’s why we restructure an underperforming team to meet core human needs like belonging, purpose, personal agency, and psychological safety.

The result is a team that works because its members are motivated to engage completely.

It’s a method our CEO, General (RET.) Stan McChrystal, forged in combat and has proven across industries: the Team of Teams® framework.

Stop missing the mark.

Start achieving results that matter.