Outpace your environment, your competitors, and your next challenge.

Businesses seek smart scale. People crave belonging and meaning. Yet, most organizations fail to connect business goals with universal human needs, which ultimately hinders their success.

Recognizing this gap, McChrystal Group was founded to help organizations better compete in a complex and interconnected business environment.

We do this by applying our proven Team of Teams framework.

We begin by applying our blended business, academic, and military perspective to assess the four key competencies that fuel or hinder individual and team success—and thereby organizational success.


Shared Knowledge

Does everyone have access to the information they need to be successful? Are you fueling personal and professional growth by creating a culture of learning? Restricting knowledge can also lead people to feel they are not trusted or, worse, that their leaders are not worthy of trust.


Common Purpose

Does your individual and collective work have greater meaning beyond a specific task or salary? Common purpose transcends shortsightedness and instead creates an environment where people are engaged and driven to consistently put forth their best work—to be a part of something bigger than themselves.



Do your team members have confidence in the people they work with day in and day out? The ability to build trust is crucial in its ability to strengthen or inhibit collaboration, delegation, team culture, and shared success.



Are your team members supported and properly positioned to do their best work? Empowering your people to shape their own work and environments breeds a culture of engagement and accountability. But the opposite is also true. Micromanagement and “factory line” mindsets inhibit personal freedom and the quality of contributions.

Using the insights from our performance assessment, we create structural, talent, and business recommendations to empower your people.

These recommendations also help your organization strike the right balance between hierarchical and decentralized team mindsets and structures, which builds motivated, nimble teams that are empowered to create outcomes that matter.

As your end-to-end partner, we also help you execute on the recommendations.

We design custom business solutions, workshops and offsites, and cohort-style leader development programs to cultivate trust, empowerment, common purpose, and shared knowledge across your organization. This allows you to operate as a nimble “team of teams,” which is essential in today’s competitive and rapidly-changing business landscape.

Learn more about our full range of services, or get in touch to discuss how we can help.

We look forward to helping you create an environment where everyone is motivated and better equipped to move your business forward, together.

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