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McChrystal Group helps you drive the results that matter by unleashing the power of your teams. That's why we’ve been helping organizations get their teams working better, smarter, and faster for over a decade. Forged in combat and proven across industries, we use our Team of Teams® framework to help you get the most out of your teams, turning them into powerful engines of meaningful change.

General (Ret.) Stan McChrystal,
CEO and Chairman of McChrystal Group

Our Story

During his time leading the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), General McChrystal developed and implemented the Team of Teams framework to transform a highly bureaucratic organization into an adaptable hybrid system capable of quicker decision making and transparent communications. Since 2011, McChrystal Group has refined the original methodology integrating industry best practices and academic insights to advise hundreds of organizations to transform into their own Team of Teams.

McChrystal Group has taken the lessons learned through the JSOC story and applied our first-hand experience in the most complex of environments to solve business challenges. Businesses seek smart scale. People crave belonging and meaning. Yet, most organizations fail to connect business goals with universal human needs, which ultimately hinders their success.

Recognizing this gap, McChrystal Group was founded to help organizations tap into the potential of their people and teams to better compete in a complex and interconnected business environment.

Our Guiding Principles – Think TAG!

At McChrystal Group, the guiding principles of Trust, Adaptability, and Growth serve as foundational components to anchor us as a team and shape how we perform in all our interactions.


We earn trust by first seeking to understand, we build trust through listening with intention, and we sustain trust through striving to provide value in every interaction.


We adapt to an ever-evolving environment by leaning into what it demands of us, standing shoulder to shoulder with teammates and clients to understand the impacts of change, and harnessing our unique blend of experiences and perspectives to translate insights into action.


We orient our minds and our behavior toward continual growth – disrupting the status quo in our work by stepping boldly into scenarios that challenge us, initiating engagement that can break through existing rigidity, and leveraging all tools available to us to facilitate the growth we endeavor to realize in all that we do.

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