Team Resiliency Training Program

In the face of an unending onslaught of new challenges, individual perseverance is important, but team resilience is essential.

This collective resilience does not happen by accident. It must be woven into the cultural fabric of a team and driven by leaders. This program tailors content specific to your organization around these three topics areas, where we provide practical concepts, tools, and advice for your teams:

TOPIC AREA 01: Ensure Stability

Resilient teams have a clear common purpose that inspires their resolve and guides their decision making. We provide leaders with tools and tactics to articulate and embed a powerful common purpose that enables their teams to overcome near-term challenges and keep the end-goal in sight.

TOPIC AREA 02: Enable Action

Resilient teams strategically connect their people to both encourage information sharing and to foster the trust and camaraderie that is essential for high performance. We share processes and techniques to set up open, transparent, and effective communication lines to synchronize and coordinate the team's action.

TOPIC AREA 03: Enhance Agility

Resilient teams adopt a bias to action in which they are constantly learning and adapting. We share practical ways to cultivate a bias for action within the team culture and systematically create feedback loops that enable the team to flexibly respond.


David LivingstonManaging Partner, McChrystal Group Academy

David Livingston leads a team of subject matter experts, learning designers, and dynamic facilitators who develop and deliver custom learning courses and programs that leverage a variety of experiential learning methods to drive individual growth and higher performance for teams and organizations.

Keith PellegriniPartner

Keith Pellegrini is a Partner at McChrystal Group currently helping a U.S. state battle the pandemic. He previously enabled a multi-national energy corporation to become a Team of Teams and advised a city in West Texas, uniting sixteen distinct constituencies across a common vision for the good of the community.

Julie FelgarSenior Advisor

Julie Felgar is a strategic, dedicated Business & Leadership Executive with more than 20 years of experience influencing measurable organizational growth through integrated leadership, communications, advocacy strategy, and business development. She possesses a robust history designing and facilitating effective leadership development programs for C-level & SES executives within private, military, and public sectors.

Michele MalvestiSenior Advisor

Michele Malvesti, Ph.D., is a senior national security executive with experience across the private sector, academia, U.S. government, and various boards of directors and advisory boards and committees.

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