Why Empowered Execution Matters

Empowered execution allows decisions to be pushed lower on the chain of command. By empowering those closest to the issue at hand to make decisions on their own, decisions can be made in a much timelier manner.

Our research shows that workers who self-identify as feeling empowered in their roles are 36% more likely to feel a sense of shared ownership in their company’s outcomes. Throughout this page, you'll find all of our resources on Empowered Execution, featuring videos on how to develop the core characteristic in your team.

How It Works

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    Beyond Consensus – Empowering Diverse Voices in Decision Making

    Creating a space where everyone is empowered to contribute their perspectives is key to an inclusive environment. When decisions rest in the hands of those who are closest to the work, rather than leaders sitting several layers above, it creates opportunities for input from a wider range of decision-makers within the organization and provides all with a seat at the table.

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    Empowering Teams by Asking the Right Questions: A Conversation with General David Rodriguez

    Empowered execution is about giving the responsibility of completing tasks or objectives to anyone who can take it and execute. Hear from General David Rodriguez on how he advises business leaders today to empower their teams.

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    Empowered Execution Keeps Employees Happy (And Makes Work Easier)

    When everyone in your organization embraces an empowered execution mindset, projects can be accomplished at greater speeds with less time wasted. At the same time, you can encourage more employee engagement.

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    Weekly Whiteboard: Decision, Execution, Impact

    Leaders must pivot from the traditional, linear mindset around taking action that starts with making a decision about what to do, executing out the decision, and then eventually analyzing the impact of your decision. When you start by determining the impact you want to have, you can plan backward more accurately so your impact in the market aligns as close as possible with identified potential risks or opportunities.

Empowered execution is a critical component of the Team of Teams® framework, which emphasizes four key capabilities for high-performing teams. Empowered execution is the fourth and final step in this model because it can't be developed and instilled in earnest without first focusing on the other capabilities.

Team of Teams® Framework

At its core, Team of Teams® offers an innovative model for leading organizations. It argues that organizations can create a hybrid, teaming-based model if they communicate with greater speed, inclusion, and transparency – and adjust their culture and leadership behavior in conjunction with these process changes. Discover more about the four capabilities that comprise the Team of Teams® framework.

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