Technology’s impact on organizational design, culture, and employee and stakeholder engagement can’t be overstated.

IT tools help your team make stronger connections while also helping establish your values and determine how your organization measures itself against those values. Teams must leverage IT to create their organization’s foundation and tailor their communication processes to create and then share their culture to drive purposeful work.

Enterprise Solution Services

Tech Enablement

Embedding our Enterprise Solutions technology team will provide your organization with hybrid tools to support strategic alignment, enterprise connectivity, transparency, and coordination. These solutions catalyze other efforts to drive organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Data and Knowledge Management

Fundamental to every organization is its ability to reliably access key information at the right time. McChrystal Groups' Enterprise Team will work with your information services team to establish data governance within your organization that will supercharge decision making and promote effective collaboration.

Collaboration Framework

Today's work environment demands that organizations be adaptable in all the ways they work together. Our collaboration methodology transforms how information is shared, stored, and interacted within your team’s day-to-day stream of work.

Communication Architecture

Having a successful communication infrastructure requires thoughtful planning and deployment. Our team of experts is adept at weaving together voice, video, and data into a coherent communications system that is required for our global and hybrid world.

Our Partner

Microsoft Viva Implementation

Use our experience to leverage the data you already have to understand your leading indicators to success.

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Our Team

Aman AlexanderDirector, Data Science & Engineering

Aman leads product development for McChrystal Group's data-driven products and services spanning initial scoping and prototyping through to enablement and planning of GTM efforts.

Ryan AminzadehDirector of AI and Data Engineering

Ryan is the Director of AI and Data Engineering at McChrystal Group, where he develops and manages machine learning, natural language processing, and data analytics technologies to enable the organization to best serve its clients.

Kevin ColeDirector of Enterprise Solutions Business Operations

Kevin is a Principal and Director of Strategy & Operations. He works alongside the rest of the team to help clients meet their performance objectives while building the right digital tool portfolio and leadership culture to sustain new levels of organizational speed and agility.

Afiba EdwardsPartner, Chief Information Officer & Enterprise Solutions Lead

Afiba is the Chief Information Officer, where he is responsible for the management, strategy, and execution of IT infrastructure and communication within the organization.

Victoria HughesPower Platform Product Manager

Victoria is a Microsoft 365 Solutions Architect where she leads, collaborates, and develops technology enablement to empower clients to underpin their people and process improvements with technology and automation.

Olga KarnasViva Insights Product Manager

Olga develops customized solutions that leverage the Microsoft Viva suite, inform organizational change, and improve employee experience. Olga advises clients in the private and public sector on leading data-driven digital transformation.

Jeff KotzDirector of Microsoft Channel Alliance

Jeff is the Director of Global Partnerships for Enterprise Solutions where he works with clients and Microsoft to create solutions, particularly around the Viva suite.

Christian TillettSenior Enterprise Solutions Architect

Chris is a Senior Microsoft 365 Solutions Architect where he works on partnering technology to supplement great leadership and organizational change products by creating digital transformation.

Cindy WhylingsManager of Internal Innovations

Cindy is a Microsoft 365 Solutions Architect, where she helps customers transform outdated processes to empower people and achieve business goals by using modern technology tools which enable improved collaboration and contribute to greater productivity and engagement.

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