Technology’s impact on organizational design, culture, and employee and stakeholder engagement can’t be overstated.

Digital tools enable your team to work productively, collaboratively, and efficiently. However, too often they are overlooked as a key driver of engagement, connection, and culture. Leaders and teams must leverage digital tools as a key enabler of culture and performance. By integrating technology with organizational processes and behaviors, you can help teams do purposeful work.

Our Enterprise Solutions Team provides unique capabilities to solve some of your most pressing needs. We know that systems work when people, processes, and technology come together in an integrated way. That’s why we look at every issue through that lens to create lasting change inside organizations.

Our Services Connect People, Process, and Technology

Business Application & Automation

Reduce friction points and increase productivity. Our team works in tandem with you to co-create sustainable and scalable automations and application-based solutions that drive productivity.

Communication & Collaboration Modernization

Effective collaboration and communication is more than just meetings and knowledge management. Today's work environment demands that organizations be adaptable in all the ways they work together. Our collaboration methodology transforms how information is shared, stored, and interacted within your team’s day-to-day stream of work. We help you create a successful communication infrastructure that weaves together voice, video and data into a coherent communications system that is required for today’s dispersed working environments.

Data & Knowledge Management

Fundamental to every organization is its ability to reliably access key information by the right people at the right time. We build information taxonomy, data governance, and search capabilities within your organization that reduces the time it takes for your people to access the information they need, supercharging decision making and promoting effective collaboration.


Most organizations already have the data they need to make critical decisions. However, it’s typically under-leveraged as it’s hard to cut through the noise. We create interactive dashboards and generate clear reports that identify trends and patterns to change organizational behavior and enable data-driven decision making.

Employee Experience

Promoting a culture of trust, collaboration and belonging through the centralization of critical business systems for communication and feedback, workplace analytics, goals and learning in a unified experience tailored to the user. The employee experience is at the center of all we do.

Strategy Execution

Ineffective tracking of lines of effort and resources across initiatives can lead to a slow or unsuccessful execution of strategy. We solve this by leveraging digital tools that drive transparency and accountability across initiatives while making project management more streamlined and productive.

McChrystal Group and Microsoft Solutions Partnership

McChrystal Group is a certified Microsoft Gold partner, earned by companies that are committed to abiding by the highest standards of customer service and work closely alongside Microsoft, and are skilled to the highest level on all Microsoft platforms.

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