Accelerating Adaptability in Emergency Management

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We welcome you to join former FEMA Administrator Pete Gaynor, State of Vermont Emergency Management Director Erica Borneman, and President of McChrystal Group Chris Fussell, for a virtual Roundtable as they focus on and discuss adaptability and what it means for teams in emergency management.

Emergency managers are being asked to address incidents and events traditionally viewed as outside the realm of emergency management — and to do it efficiently and effectively while also maintaining the "blue sky" day to day operations. It's safe to say the description of what emergency managers are responsible for has expanded. The panel of experts will share tools, best practices, and strategies that high-performing, adaptable teams can use to move quickly and efficiently while keeping up with all the evolving pieces emergency managers are tasked with today.


Erica Bornemann

Director of Vermont Emergency Management

Erica Bornemann is the Director of Vermont Emergency Management. She has worked for VEM since 2007. Erica previously served as Chief of Staff, and as Planning Chief for the Division, during which time she oversaw the Radiological Emergency Response Program as well as the State Emergency Operations Plan. Erica holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Western New England College and a Master of Public Administration from Norwich University.

Pete Gaynor

Senior Advisor

Pete is an accomplished executive with over 14 years of leadership in Emergency Management & Homeland Security at every level of government. He has led a wide variety of challenging disasters at the local, state, and federal levels. Most recently he served as the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, FEMA Administrator, and Deputy FEMA Administrator.

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Chris Fussell is the President of McChrystal Group. Chris has focused on bringing his Special Operations experience and expertise in cross-functional collaboration, knowledge sharing, and decision making with large corporations facing similar challenges. He joined McChrystal Group as a Partner in 2012.

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