Drawing from our leadership experience developed in unpredictable and complex operating environments along with our years of client delivery, we partner with our clients to help define, pressure test, and deliver strategies; build an operating model that puts flexibility and teamwork at its core, and implement decision-making processes that enable speed and empowerment.

What issues are we working with clients on right now?

McChrystal Group's database has identified several areas organizations should focus on for growth, and we partner with clients as their trusted advisor to address these, and more, to drive the results that matter:

Decision Making

Companies that employees overall rated as above average on making decisions in time for effective execution had 62% higher revenue growth on average than companies with slower decision making.
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Our Services

  1. Build Strategic Alignment: Aligning an organization on a shared set of strategic priorities, allowing for a more effective allocation of resources, and enabling the team to accomplish objectives and create value.
  2. Optimize Planning and Execution: Enabling organizations to deliver on performance targets reliably, creating predictability and stability that the market rewards.
  3. Establish & Refine Communication: Streamlining operating rhythm, processes, and operating models to eliminate waste, increase effectiveness, and improve cross-functional collaboration.
  4. Improve Decision Making: Empowering execution and creating repeatable, scalable decision-making tools.
  5. Pressure Test Strategies & Assumptions: Increasing competitiveness in complex environments by pressure testing plans, identifying vulnerabilities, challenging assumptions, and considering adversarial positions through facilitated exercises, simulations, and training.
  6. Deploy Fusion Cells: ​Leveraging “whole-of-business” capabilities to drive and maintain your priorities: tackle today’s cross-cutting threats and seize the greatest opportunities.


McChrystal Group has provided us with a pathway toward our objective of creating a sustainable and empowered organization, they care a great deal about our success; it’s been and continues to be a terrific partnership.

Managing Director

Energy and Industrial Supplies Company

Our partnership with McChrystal Group has been nothing less than transformational for the company, and shareholders have been rewarded with significant value creation.

President & Chief Operating Officer

Consumer Lawn and Garden Company

Our experience with the McChrystal Group provided us with the exact playbook we needed to evolve our communications without missing a beat and put us in the position to thrive as we move ahead

Todd Dipaola

InMarket CEO

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