No Turning Back: The Leader’s Playbook to Successfully Reimagining an Organization for the Post-COVID World

By Christopher Fussell, Cleo Haynal & Jennifer Keister

We’ve said it since the beginning of the pandemic: there is no turning back. This crisis has irrevocably changed the way we communicate and deliver services. The competitive landscape has changed, and the economy is in flux. Giants are disappearing and newcomers are rising. And, the changes have not settled.

How does one plan when so much is still shifting? As organizations struggle to find their footing, more is incumbent on leaders to build resilience into their plans. The framework and the tools we outline in this playbook are crucial to purposefully build agility into an organization’s strategy. Factoring for the months of unexpected changes that lie ahead, organizations must still contend with the current crisis, rebuild for resilience, and thoughtfully change the way they operate. We hope this helps frame some of the crucial assessments, reflections, and planning that needs to take place right now.

Chris Fussell is the President of McChrystal Group. He is an author of the 2015 New York Times bestseller, Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World as well as 2017 Wall Street Journal bestseller, One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams. He joined McChrystal Group as a Partner in 2012.

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Cleo Haynal oversees the development of new products and solutions aimed at solving our clients’ biggest organizational and people challenges.

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Jennifer Keister

Senior Principal

Jen Keister is currently helping a US state combat the COVID-19 pandemic and accelerate its vaccine rollout. She has also worked across McChrystal teams to support a range of commercial, government, and non-profit clients improve their working rhythms, and developing new approaches to do so.

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