Lessons from Military Leaders

In our latest video series, Tom Seamands and Brendan Leary discuss the lessons they've learned from their more than 50 years combined in uniform, and how these lessons can be applied to organizations of any nature.

Tom Seamands departed the military after serving over 30 years, ultimately retiring as the Chief of People for the U.S. Army. Brendan Leary is a retired Naval Officer and former commander of SEAL Team Four. They'll discuss three main lessons that leaders can take with them and apply to their teams: engagement, retention, and leadership.


Engagement is an important principle for leaders no matter the sector or industry, and its one the military thrives in with highly committed teams. Engrained in any conversation surrounding engagement are principles of trust and communication among teams, which our leaders discuss in this segment.


Retention is undoubtedly a pressing problem on the mind of many leaders today. Hear from former military leaders about the approach to retention that they learned during their time in the military and how they apply it to the teams they work with today.


How and where does one learn how to be a leader? And what characteristics make a great leader? The military is often looked at as an example of quality leadership. This segment on leadership features a discussion on building a foundation as a leader, bringing accountability to your leadership style, and what it looks like to lead a high-performing team.

Meet the Team

Brendan Leary is a Partner, where he has led projects in financial services, telecommunications, defense, and mineral extraction for McChrystal Group, helping high-performing teams solve complex problems. He finished his Naval career as the Deputy Commander of a 1,800-member special operations organization.

Tom Seamands is a Senior Principal at McChrystal Group, where he assists organizations to better compete in a complex and interconnected government and business environment by employing data-driven diagnostics, academics with shared understanding, common purpose, trust, and empowerment.

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