Organizations are confronting disruptive shifts with increasing frequency: geopolitical instability, extreme natural disasters, supply-chain challenges, emerging technologies, workforce disruptions, and the prospect of an economic downturn. These trends offer considerable new opportunities for organizations that can quickly adapt to them–while harming those who remain complacent and fail to adjust. Navigating these volatile times requires leaders that are willing to practice divergent and critical thinking.​

About Red Teams

To Red Team is to implement a structured process that is semi-independent from an institution and is designed to better understand that institution’s interests, intentions, and capabilities – or those of competitors or clients. And from that analysis, we help you strengthen your plans and increase your odds of success.

McChrystal Group’s proprietary Red Team solutions equip organizations with the tactical, strategic, and environmental tools, methods, and transformations required to compete and flourish in today’s complex business world… and to give you tools your competitors are not using for their decisions.

Recent Red Team Engagements

We have partnered with organizations of all industries and sizes to implement our Red Team approach to an array of strategic choices. Whether it is a decision, product, plan, policy, or strategy, you can Red Team it.

  • Fortune 50 biopharma deciding how to market and price a new drug and assess probable response of second-mover competitors.
  • U.S.-based technology company deciding whether to proceed with the $950M acquisition of a competitor and its associated patents.
  • State government uncovering the logistical and political risks associated with messaging and rolling-out of COVID vaccines.
  • Global technology company trained to establish its own internal Red Team to pressure-test its products before launch.
  • Fast-growing venture capital firm making the cultural shift to a “scaling to agility” mindset to provide more immediate value for its portfolio companies.

Proven Results Across Industries


It was a great opportunity to generate ideas across teams and reporting structures. Everyone approached it with a positive attitude and a willingness to listen, and it surfaced both ongoing and new issues that could block success.

Financial Services Executive

Red Team Client

This whole workshop and exercise allowed us to think long term, short term, in terms of anticipating failure, and really reflect internally with the organization.

Medical Technology

Red Team Client

Fantastic facilitators and overall team. The ease and clarity in which the discussions were documented throughout the workshop were so helpful and impressive.


Red Team Client

This was eye-opening and super helpful. We will do a better job on this acquisition decision based on what we’ve learned, and I’m really excited about McChrystal Group’s Red Teaming process and applying it to the rest of our decision-making.

Technology Chief Executive Officer

Red Team Client

The Red Team methodology was new for me and will be useful to apply for other situations at work.

Medical Device

Red Team Client

What if they had Red Teamed?

Why Red Teams Are Imperative

Following the conclusion of a Red Team workshop, we synthesize outputs into an actionable report containing practical recommendations, tools, and tactics.

Our Professional Red Team Facilitators

Micah ZenkoDirector of Research and Learning

Micah Zenko is a Red Team facilitator at McChrystal Group, where he develops offerings designed to enhance organizational performance.

Maryam ShariatiSenior Principal

Maryam Shariati is a Red Team facilitator at McChrystal Group, where she is responsible for designing and implementing strategy and leadership development services to drive higher performance for teams and organizations.

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