Why Shared Consciousness Matters

Shared consciousness can only be created and exist through consistent and transparent information sharing and a carefully maintained set of centralized forums for bringing people together.

Throughout this page, you'll find all of our resources on Shared Consciousness, featuring videos on how to develop the core characteristic in your team.

How It Works

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    Connecting and Communicating With Your Team in a Hybrid Work Environment: A Conversation with Julie Felgar

    To formulate and communicate a common purpose and direction a leader wants to take their team, it must first start with a people-centered approach. Discover how to lead through change and communicate a consistent message to develop a shared understanding.

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    How to Orient Your Teams Around a Culture of Prioritization

    People mean well. People want their work to be meaningful and useful. People crave clarity. Our minds are in a constant state of sense-making of our environments. There are fewer things more valuable in an organization than the clarity of well-established and communicated priorities to enable shared ownership in initiatives.

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    Driving Alignment Within a Shared Services Organization

    The operations division of a Fortune 10 healthcare company was better able to handle a changing regulatory and competitor landscape thanks to a new operating model that created a culture of shared consciousness to give teams the context needed to make sound decisions and execute.

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    Team of Teams in a Remote Environment

    Explore how a company leveraged an organization wide forum to collaborate and exchange ideas in a hybrid work environment, leveraging that shared consciousness to successfully adapted to a rapidly changing environment in both the field and office.

Team of Teams® Framework

Shared Consciousness is a critical component of the Team of Teams® framework, which emphasizes four key capabilities for high-performing teams.

Shared Consciousness is just one element in this model because, without it, teams won't have access to the information they need to be successful.

Discover more about the four capabilities that comprise the Team of Teams® framework.

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