How will your organization keep from falling behind?

Most organizations struggle to cross the gap between strategy and execution.

The rest bridge the gap with structures that accelerate results, and they pull ahead. 

In which group is your organization prepared to be? 

  • Are your senior leaders divided on your organization's strategy?
  • Is it unclear where to allocate resources?
  • Does your organization struggle to translate strategy into actions your teams can execute?
  • Does inconsistent performance hurt your organization's ability to create value?

Accelerate the journey from strategy to results.

Get to results faster with solutions that unify all of your teams around the strategy to execute effectively.


Unite Teams

Bring leadership and teams together, get behind one strategy and need for it, benefits they want and prioritize.


Streamline Action

With their new skills, leaders will be able to confidently communicate the vision behind the organization's change, melt resistance, unite teams, and inspire action.


Hasten Wins

Equipped to guide teams through transformation, your team leaders will be ready to remove the barriers that stall change so they can speed the organization's evolution.

Solutions to Speed Results

Strategy Alignment

Aligning an organization on a shared set of strategic priorities, allowing for a more effective allocation of resources, and enabling the team to accomplish objectives and create value.

Why invest resources in strategy alignment?

  • Strategic complexity and ambiguity get in the way of organizational momentum and adaptability - alignment is critical.
  • Many teams struggle to balance short-term pressures with long-term strategic objectives – how organizations define success.
  • Bottom-up refinement and identification of horizontal and vertical dependencies are integral to our approach, enabling you to reliably deliver on the organization's targets.

To be successful in today’s complex and unpredictable marketplace, leaders must effectively clarify their vision, clearly define what success looks like, determine how they will measure and achieve success, prioritize their limited resources, and align their team around their plan.

Learn more about Strategy Alignment

Red Team

Bake critical thinking into your team's strategy. 

Human tics like bias and risk aversion will sabotage good strategy if you let them. Red Teaming programs teach teams how to protect their conclusions and create better strategies. 

Why should your teams participate in a Red Team exercise?

It's tailored around achieving your specific business objectives.

  • Pressure test your teams' conclusions before they finalize their strategy. 
  • Give your teams the skills to pressure-test their conclusions going forward. 
  • Align your teams' risk tolerance—and their decisions—with the organization's strategy.

Most organizations do not build safeguards against bad conclusions that inform their strategy.

Let Red Team & War Gaming programs give your teams and organization a strategic advantage.  

Learn more about Red Team

Tech Enablement

Embedding our Enterprise Solutions technology team will provide your organization with digital tools to support strategic alignment, workplace modernization, enterprise collaboration, transparency, and coordination.

These solutions catalyze other efforts to drive organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Why Tech Enablement?

  • Improve organizational efficiency and productivity.
  • Provide a better customer experience.
  • Align, track, and measure goals and results leveraging digital tools for shared consciousness.

Let Tech Enablement give your teams and organization a competitive advantage in an increasingly digital and tech-driven world.

Learn more about Tech Enablement


Tech giant unifies team and product suite, increased market cap by $11B

A global tech company was at risk of being outmaneuvered by its smaller rivals.
Problem: The company could not unite its teams behind a strategy to address the threat.  
Solution: McChrystal Group uncovered the barriers dividing teams and helped the company convince them to participate.


  • $11B increase in market cap.
  • Highest employee engagement scores recorded within an annual third-party survey.


This organization was stuck in a rhythm of doing things in a way that we thought worked, when, in reality, we barely had a heartbeat. [McChrystal Group] woke us up and made us way better than we’ve ever been."

Vice President

University Foundation

When I think about the work we've done... we moved from unstructured, loosely affiliated to really being unified under one umbrella. Everyone knows their focus point better and understands and acknowledges how everything impacts each other and how making a big impact to our organization requires all of us.

Senior Leader

Telecommunications Company

The formal strategic plans gave me the freedom to allocate my time better and push back appropriately at times on activities that were not a priority. It gave a much better view to me and my team of what is important for the business to ‘win’. Better focus, better use of time, better results.


Consumer Goods Company

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