Only when your people are empowered, engaged, and aligned around one mission can your business achieve its full potential.

At its core, Team of Teams® offers a new model for leading organizations. It argues that organizations can create a hybrid, teaming-based model if they communicate with greater speed, inclusion, and transparency – and adjust their culture and leadership behavior in conjunction with these process changes.

We do this by applying our proven Team of Teams framework.

We begin by applying our blended business, academic, and military perspective to assess the four key competencies that fuel or hinder individual and team success—and thereby organizational success.



Do your team members have confidence in the people they work with day in and day out? The ability to build trust is crucial in its ability to strengthen or inhibit collaboration, delegation, team culture, and shared success.

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Common Purpose

Does your individual and collective work have greater meaning beyond a specific task or salary? Common purpose transcends shortsightedness and instead creates an environment where people are engaged and driven to consistently put forth their best work—to be a part of something bigger than themselves.


Shared Consciousness

Does everyone have access to the information they need to be successful? Are you fueling personal and professional growth by creating a culture of learning? Restricting knowledge can also lead people to feel they are not trusted or, worse, that their leaders are not worthy of trust.

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Empowered Execution

Are your team members supported and properly positioned to do their best work? Empowering your people to shape their own work and environments breeds a culture of engagement and accountability. But the opposite is also true. Micromanagement and “factory line” mindsets inhibit personal freedom and the quality of contributions.

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Gen. (Ret) Stan McChrystal

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