Team Science combines academic frameworks, cutting-edge analytics, and narrative-centered storytelling to transform your data into action. Our multi-disciplinary approach and suite of analytical tools is purpose-built to drive action and growth in your organizations.

Our approach builds on the following principles:

  1. Cutting through the clutter: We give executives the timely information they need in a streamlined, narrative-driven fashion to focus on optimizing day-to-day processes and crisis responses.
  2. Focusing on people: Putting people front and center helps drive improved leadership behaviors, increased employee engagement and retention.
  3. A networked approach to change: Organizations need to know which of their teammates are key influencers who can help achieve goals faster or accelerate change adoption.



How We Can Help

  • Organizational Diagnostic

    Your tried and tested measurement tool to transform data into action.

  • Leadership Assessment

    Unbiased self-reflection to help you create and lead adaptable teams.

  • Employee Engagement

    Understand your employees with a tool that has been shown to be a better predictor of employees’ turnover intentions than compensation.

  • Inclusion Assessment

    Fostering an inclusive environment.

  • Pulse Analytics

    Rapid, bespoke insights that allow you to pivot quickly.

  • Microsoft Viva Implementation

    Use our experience to leverage the data you already have to understand your leading indicators to success.

  • Managed Analytics Services

    Your long term partner for lasting change.

Client Results

“We started out as a used car that was underperforming in terms of quality and performance and after the MG diagnostic, we developed into a sleek and sexy high-performance vehicle. You helped us build a system that I can continue confidently. What you helped us build, we can continue.”
Telco Company Executive

Our Team

Ché AlbowiczApplied Social Scientist

Ché Albowicz is a Principal supporting McChrystal Group Team Science, leading projects across industries including biotech and health care, energy, higher education, and government and defense. Ché also supports McChrystal Group’s research and development initiatives, focusing most recently on building and sustaining inclusive environments at work, and supporting leadership development.

Ryan ArzamarskiApplied Social Scientist

Ryan Arzamarski is an Applied Social Scientist within the firm’s Team Science division. An expert in research design and presentation, he has conducted statistical and communication network analyses on over 25 clients, spanning 10 industries.

Victor BilgenManaging Partner, McChrystal Team Science

Victor Bilgen leads a team of data scientists, researchers, and business intelligence analysts who deploy the analytics product suite for all consulting teams. He designs and owns the long-term product, people, and technology strategies for the Team Science business and is responsible for the business, sales, and partner channel success.

Morgan SilversApplied Social Scientist

Morgan Silvers is an Applied Social Scientist specializing in organizational performance analysis, network analysis, employee engagement, and custom research. In her role, she utilizes survey-based research to help clients use data-driven insights to inform organizational planning and decision-making.

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