Team Science combines academic frameworks, cutting-edge analytics, and narrative-centered storytelling to transform your data into action. Our multi-disciplinary approach and suite of analytical tools is purpose-built to drive action and growth in your organizations.

Our approach builds on the following principles:

  1. Cutting through the clutter: We give executives the timely information they need in a streamlined, narrative-driven fashion to focus on optimizing day-to-day processes and crisis responses.
  2. Focusing on people: Putting people front and center helps drive improved leadership behaviors, increased employee engagement and retention.
  3. A networked approach to change: Organizations need to know which of their teammates are key influencers who can help achieve goals faster or accelerate change adoption.



How We Can Help

  • Organizational Diagnostic

    Your tried and tested measurement tool to transform data into action.

  • Leadership Assessment

    Unbiased self-reflection to help you create and lead adaptable teams.

  • Employee Engagement

    Understand your employees with a tool that has been shown to be a better predictor of employees’ turnover intentions than compensation.

  • Inclusion Assessment

    Fostering an inclusive environment.

  • Pulse Analytics

    Rapid, bespoke insights that allow you to pivot quickly.

  • Microsoft Viva Implementation

    Use our experience to leverage the data you already have to understand your leading indicators to success.

  • Managed Analytics Services

    Your long term partner for lasting change.

Client Results

“We started out as a used car that was underperforming in terms of quality and performance and after the MG diagnostic, we developed into a sleek and sexy high-performance vehicle. You helped us build a system that I can continue confidently. What you helped us build, we can continue.”
Telco Company Executive

Our Team

Ché AlbowiczApplied Social Scientist

Ché Albowicz is a Senior Associate in our Team Science practice, serving as a Project Lead on Organizational Diagnostics, R&D initiatives, and DE&I Assessments.

Ryan ArzamarskiApplied Social Scientist

Ryan Arzamarski is a Principal in our Team Science practice, serving as a Project Lead on Organizational Diagnostics.

Victor BilgenManaging Partner, McChrystal Team Science

Victor Bilgen leads our Team Science practice across McChrystal Group, designing and owning long-term product, people, technology, sales, and channel partner strategies.

Morgan SilversApplied Social Scientist

Morgan Silvers is a Senior Associate in our Team Science practice, serving as a Project Lead on our Organizational Diagnostics, R&D initiatives, and our Engagement Assessments.

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