1. Actively disengaged employees cost the US $450-550 billion in lost productivity per year
  2. McChrystal Group research shows that less than half of employees are engaged with their work
  3. Engaged employees are 2.5X more likely to stay with their current company than are disengaged employees

In an attempt to address burnout and turnover, many organizations turn to employee satisfaction surveys only to be disappointed by results that are not actionable. Most commercial satisfaction and engagement surveys only measure passive satiation without tapping into the energetic, adaptive employee behaviors that are linked to higher retention and job performance.

How We Can Help

Our five-minute engagement survey has been uniquely crafted to measure the intrinsic motivation of employees to adaptively perform their jobs, even in the face of organizational challenges. It is this energetic engagement with work that businesses should be interested in measuring, predicting, and growing to maximize retention and performance. The attitudes we measure in our engagement survey have been shown to be a better predictor of employees’ turnover intentions than compensation level.

What To Expect

In addition to truly measuring employees’ engagement levels, we also assess the cultural factors that drive engagement. Through research and statistical modeling, we identify not only your organization’s pain points but also the relative importance of each pain point to overall levels of employee engagement. Using this information, we triage results and provide you with a specific and prioritized action plan for improvement.

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