Our Organizational Diagnostic helps our clients address their toughest challenges by deploying industry-leading analytics capabilities to better leverage their employees and provide an actionable roadmap. With experience diagnosing 100+ clients across industries and geographies and the ability to leverage the powerful suite of Team Science methodologies, we are the partner to diagnose and solve organizational challenges.

Below, our President Chris Fussell answers some of the most common questions we receive when discussing the Organizational Diagnostic: What does it mean to analyze your organization’s internal networks and why is it critical for leaders to do so?

How We Can Help

Our Organizational Diagnostic helps you address your toughest challenges…

…with our industry leading analytics.

What to Expect

Over an 8–10-week period, our Team Science practitioner will partner with you to tailor, deploy, and analyze the Organizational Diagnostic, culminating in a prioritized path forward for the organization.

Start addressing your toughest challenges.

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