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Stephanie Beltz

Senior Learning Designer
Stephanie Beltz

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Beltz, Ph.D., is a Senior Learning Designer on McChrystal Academy, where she leverages the latest insights from organizational, social, and behavioral research to design, develop, and implement leadership solutions for our clients.

What did you do before joining McChrystal Group?

Prior to joining McChrystal Group, I was a Senior Talent Management Consultant with a mid-size insurance and annuities firm. A seasoned thought leader, content developer, and facilitator, my focus was on building sustainable leadership competencies at all levels in the organization. I served as a coach to managers and senior executives as well as an internal consultant and mentor to staff and management on issues related to individual leadership development, diversity, equity, inclusion, and well-being. In the ten years preceding, I was a psychology professor at three institutions of higher education, specializing in personality, psychopathology, lifespan development, and gender. I also worked for two behavioral health organizations as a psychotherapist, delivering both inpatient and outpatient counseling on an individual and group basis.

Why did you join McChrystal Group?

I joined McChrystal Group for the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment with some of the most brilliant and talented people in the world who are leading the way to build more sustainable, inclusive, and purpose-driven organizations.

What has been your proudest moment at McChrystal Group?

My second day on the job, I was asked to join a global leaders' forum to discuss my take on building psychological safety in the workplace. It was a such a privilege!

What is a hidden talent of yours?

Most people don't know that I have a background in performance art, having acted on both the stage and screen.


B.A. Ohio University

M.A. Columbia University

Ph.D. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Written Articles/ Materials

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