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Donnie Brzuska

Director of Strategic Marketing
Donnie Brzuska

Meet Donnie

Donnie Brzuska is the Director of Strategic Marketing, where he develops and executes comprehensive marketing strategies that showcase McChrystal Group's thought leadership, executive presence, and distinct capabilities. A nationally recognized professional communicator, Donnie has decades of experience in crisis communication, executive communication, and media relations, which he uses to serve as a strategic partner to senior client leaders.

What did you do before joining McChrystal Group?

I served as a military public affairs officer in the U.S. Coast Guard for over 23 years. It was an honor to tell the story of brave and selfless Coast Guard men and women every day. The Coast Guard is a unique instrument of National Security, and I was fortunate to be included in numerous executive teams and entrusted to lead communication for numerous high-visibility incidents and events. Because of the nature of the service’s missions, I developed a deep understanding of crisis management beyond the theoretical and academic and was positioned to advance the Coast Guard’s crisis communication program.

Why did you join McChrystal Group?

Beyond its reputation as a premier leadership consulting firm, I chose to work at McChrystal Group because of the talented and amazing professionals who make up Team MG. Now, I get to live out my professional dream as both a communication practitioner and teacher alongside some of the greatest minds in the industry.

What has been your proudest moment at McChrystal Group?

It’s makes me extremely proud work with highly culturally competent and inclusive team members who strive each day to deliver the highest quality for our partners, while supporting the personal and professional goals of our shipmates every step of the way.

What sport or hobby do you have outside of work?

I love surfing. My connection with the ocean has been a catalyst for my entire life - first as a young surfer and then as a Coast Guardsman. Now as leadership partner, the ocean offers so many lessons and opportunities to draw parallels between the power and unpredictability of the sea and the power and unpredictability of today's complex business environment.


Master of Arts in Public Relations from Webster University

Bachelor of Science in Communication from City University of Seattle

Written Articles/ Materials