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Lina Than

Brand Designer​
Lina Than

Meet Lina

Lina Than is a brand designer at McChrystal Group, where she works to create, maintain, and deliver creative solutions across the firm’s offerings that range from data visualization to branding and marketing.

What did you do before joining McChrystal Group?

Before McChrystal Group I was a Graphic Artist within the Marketing and Communications Team for a global healthcare company. I was responsible for leading the rebranding process of their products and services with a focus on creating meaningful design solutions and experiences for the brand and its audience that was well regulated and within FDA/CDC standards. I have a wide range of experiences within the creative industry from corporate design work, small creative agencies, in-house design teams, freelancing, non-profit design work, and curating art galleries and exhibits.

Why did you join McChrystal Group?

I joined McChrystal Group for the opportunity to grow and the ability to share and educate on the concept of design. I was looking for a team that would push me creatively and inspires me to be a smarter and more efficient designer where learning was at the core.

What has been your proudest moment at McChrystal Group?

After my first Leadership Venture - I’m proud to have experienced McChrystal Group’s culture firsthand and realize what an amazing team I get to work with every day.

What sport or hobby do you have outside of work?

Outside of work I take a break from 21st-century digital designing to practice traditional ways of creating art.


B.A. York College of Pennsylvania