CJ Grasso


Alexandria, VA

CJ Grasso is an Implementation Associate currently advising a technology company on strategy alignment and overcoming operational challenges.

  • B.A. Northeastern University
  • M.S. Northeastern University,
  • MBA (in progress) Northeastern University

Meet CJ

What did you do before joining McChrystal Group?

Before joining McChrystal Group I helped lead an interdisciplinary research program at Northeastern University's Global Resilience Institute. In this role, I researched what makes communities resilient to disruptions and helped turn those findings into strategies that practitioners could implement in their own planning efforts.

Why did you join McChrystal Group?

2020/21 were turning points for how organizations across every sector operated and, as importantly, thought about risk and resilience. I joined the McChrystal Group for the opportunity to help leaders navigate these challenges. McChrystal Group's focus on leading at every level provides the chance - and responsibility - for every team member to contribute to our team and clients' success.

What are your favorite books (besides Team of Teams!)?

My library is a pretty eclectic mix of genres, but I recently finished Grant by Ron Chernow. It's a great look into how a fallible and often controversial person can lead with humility amidst crisis. It was also a fascinating "in-the-moment" lens through which to examine the most tumultuous decades in American history. Absolutely recommend the Kindle or audiobook version though - unless you're looking for a solid workout hauling it around.

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