Nicole LeFort

Senior Program Manager

Alexandria, VA

Nicole LeFort is a Senior Program Manager within McChrystal Academy, where she assists in the implementation and execution of our leadership development offerings.

  • B.A. The George Washington University
  • M.A. The George Washington University

Meet Nicole

What did you do before joining McChrystal Group?

Before joining McChrystal Group, I oversaw the development and delivery of leadership training programs for senior law enforcement leaders at the International Association of Chiefs of Police - a membership association serving 31,000 members in over 165 countries. I was also responsible for developing and administering a learning management system (LMS) to support Association-wide virtual learning efforts.

Why did you join McChrystal Group?

I joined McChrystal Group to be surrounded by smart, curious people who strive to deliver excellence every day. I wanted to leverage my skillset in leadership development training to support our mission of helping organizations and individuals navigate their toughest business and leadership challenges.

Why are you passionate about leaders & teams?

Good leadership and team cohesion are not only critical to organizational success, but to the overall wellbeing of the people working in those organizations. Leadership is about relationships - and relationships can be messy and unpredictable. Good leadership development programs don't just help us be better leaders and make more sound decisions - they help us be better, more empathetic people.

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