Even the most self-aware leaders have blind spots. Even the most balanced and mindful amongst us have developed tendencies that we find ourselves relying on in a wide variety of situations which may be served better with more nuanced responses. The Leader Behavior Diagnostic (LBD) survey tool forces you to make hard choices. The assessment measures your leadership tendencies based on the four behaviors we have identified as essential for leading adaptable teams. It allows you to understand where you thrive and where changes in your behavior may help drive your team to higher performance.

How We Can Help

Leaders who successfully lead adaptable and high-performing teams demonstrate a unique set of behaviors – self-awareness, applied curiosity, purposeful connections, and tolerance of tension. Strong leaders may demonstrate tremendous performance by practicing only a few behaviors; weaker leaders may have achieved opposite outcomes by doing the same. The LBD catalyzes individual development for all leaders by driving change to become more adaptable – to leverage learned skills you avoid or learn new skills you did not already know. This tailored approach, coupled with coaching conversations and practical workshops, applies at all levels.

What to Expect

Each person’s results are unique and are accompanied by an individually tailored list of behavior-focused recommendations, from which you choose the ways you want to grow. We provide you actionable and functional insights to carve a customized path for development, rather than simply identifying traits or measuring skills.

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