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McChrystal Group partnered with a leading WealthCo to rejuvenate a culture of responsible growth. By prioritizing focus and investment on a critical cohort of leaders and providing them with the resources, knowledge, and training needed to achieve their strategy, the WealthCo was able to exceed its growth goals.

Why this industry/problem set is relevant in the world today:

In the face of increased market competition and changing needs of wealth management customers, the WealthCo needed to evolve both mindsets and ways of working. To achieve this, we first needed to understand the structural and behavioral barriers inhibiting growth.


To identify the challenges being faced by WealthCo’s wealth management division, we began our engagement with our proprietary organizational diagnostic. Using survey data, interviews, and on-site observations, McChrystal Group was able to identify the following:

The company’s regional Market Executives were insufficiently engaged – and they felt it.

110 market leaders were identified as the pivot point to operationalize the new growth strategy in the 18,000 strong advisor population. Traditionally a more administrative than executive role, the Market Executives were being asked to drive significant change with insufficient context, authority and support. Without addressing this disconnect, the transformation would be near impossible to achieve.

Teams expressed a lack of trust between larger enterprise teams.

A key enabler of growth was leveraging the tools and capabilities provided by the parent bank. Data identified a lack of shared objectives, connectivity, and trust between financial advisors and cross-line of business partners to deliver holistic investing and banking solutions. Cultural and operational misalignments threatened the type of collaboration the strategy's success demanded and their customers deserved.


Ensured Market Executive alignment to strategy through the introduction of new planning and accountability processes.

A structured and systematic approach to client acquisition, and a framework for successful market management enabled the deliberate cascade the WealthCo’s strategy to the market level​.

Designed and implemented a series of intensive trainings for market leaders and key enterprise partners to accelerate change in a consistent manner across geographies.

The program blended practical instruction on core leadership competencies as well as experiential exercises designed to develop confidence in leveraging the resources available to support growth. The program was co-designed and delivered with WealthCo’s learning and development function to ensure seamless integration with their long-term talent development and performance management plans..


Financial Advisors delivered responsible growth.

Advisors added an average of 4.6 new client relationships in the year following the program, a 63% increase from the prior year, supporting record revenues while competitors reported steep declines.

The organization was engaged in support of the new strategy.

Financial Advisor attrition was at its lowest rate for over a decade.

Our Team

Brendan LearyPartner

Brendan Leary is a Partner at McChrystal Group, where he works as part of our Implementation Team. Brendan has supported companies in several industries including Financial Services, Mineral Extraction, and telecommunications.

Ryan FlynnPartner

Ryan Flynn is a Partner at McChrystal Group where he advises leaders on major organizational transformation initiatives. His clients have included members of the Fortune 100 and the FTSE 350, and have spanned industries including Financial Services, Professional Services, Manufacturing, and Technology.

Rachel MeyerPrincipal

Rachel Meyer is a Senior Associate at McChrystal Group, where she works as part of the Implementation team advising businesses and government agencies on optimizing their organizational processes to drive better strategic outcomes.

Maryam ShariatiSenior Principal

Maryam Shariati, Ph.D., is a Senior Learning and Strategy Designer, responsible for launching tailored leadership development programs and developing innovative, high-quality solutions that address the learning needs of our clients.

Thomas MaffeySenior Advisor

Tom Maffey is a Senior Advisor at McChrystal Group, where he provides his expertise on engagements and advises senior executives on transformational change.

Ted DelicathPrincipal

Ted Delicath is an Implementation Principal committed to serving clients through structuring and solving problems with them.

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