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Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

Match the speed of execution with the pace the environment demands.

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Team Resilience Playbook

McChrystal Group’s guide to building high performing, resilient teams

This playbook gives you and your teams the skills, processes, and behaviors to build resilient teams from the ground-up: focusing on establishing a solid foundation, building effective working relationships with peers, to adapt easily and seamlessly to whatever new threats come your way. All readers—from the seasoned CEO, to the new employee - will find value in learning how to establish and sustain resilient teams.

Team Resilience Playbook

The U.S. Special Operations Forces have a philosophy—“slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.”

Members of those teams are often in situations in which moving fast is imperative. Survival depends on quick decision making and rapid responses. However, even in the direst circumstances, they recognize that rushing without purpose and intent can be detrimental. This principle applies to crises that necessitate teams and organizations to deliberately coordinate their actions and move in unison towards an objective to respond effectively to threats and risks. “Slowness” at the micro level translates into “smoothness” at the macro level.

We have developed Weekly Whiteboards, case studies, webinars, podcast episodes, and an actionable playbook to help leaders successfully take a "slow is smooth, smooth is fast" approach.